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Person-Centered Planning in Behavioral Health $19.95
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Person-Centered Planning in Behavioral Health

Everyone, including individuals with behavioral health challenges, has hopes and dreams about making their lives better. Historically, treatment plans focused on symptom reduction, behavior management, decreased hospitalization, and treatment compliance, also known as a medically focused model of treatment. Plans seldom explored what the persons hoped for in their lives, nor did they describe the supports, education, or activities that would be necessary to help people move toward their desired lives, otherwise known as a recovery-focused model of treatment. Today’s healthcare system is increasingly focused on recovery-oriented care, along with empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own future. In this course, you will learn about what makes the person-centered planning approach different from traditional treatment planning. You will learn the significance of distinguishing between what is important to the person receiving services and what is important for the person, as well as the importance of promoting the active involvement of the persons receiving services in identifying their strengths, desires, and needs. Through interactive lessons, personalized planning strategies, and descriptive examples, you will learn how to implement the person-centered approach to significantly enhance the chances for individuals diagnosed with behavioral health challenges to succeed in the road to recovery. The content in this course is applicable to all professional staff working in health and human services and integrated care settings.
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Person-Centered Planning in Behavioral Health
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